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Three Pillars of the US 5v5 Soccer Association



We are an addition too, not a subtraction from the local sports community. We will run top-notch events to ensure that more kids are playing more sports more often and add value to their other athletic endeavors.



We will operate out of a Spirit of Excellence. We don't cut corners, anywhere. We'd rather do no business than bad business. If you cut corners it's to either make a buck or to save a buck, and the kids pay that price. We will do everything in our power to embody a spirit of excellence in every area of our events.



We will partner with great people, play in great facilities, with great competitive brackets for all skill levels. We will work with the right people to ensure a top level event, and play in great facilities to ensure the best experience possible. Bad brackets or a bad complex can make for a bad tournament. We will do everything we can to ensure a GREAT event which takes a marriage of all of those things: great people at great venues with great competition to create great annual events.


Meet The Team


President - Travis Tew

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VP | Sales & Operations Andrew Vorce

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